Resinfying the World

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world. When you order from Nasimi Designs, you are supporting a small business that is deeply passionate about bringing your vision to life. You are the reason Nasimi Designs is here. Thank you!

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So nice to meet you! I'm a first-generation Muslim-American Artist, & Entrepreneur.

Founder of NASIMI DESIGNS. Designing different pieces from Art & Home Decor. Each piece from NASIMI DESIGNS are inspired, culturally curated from centuries-old influences with meticulously designs that captures the most imaginative finishes.

At NASIMI DESIGNS we want to cultivate a meaningful community among a variety of brands and designs we work with. We want to express our culture & beliefs, but also the causes that we care about. Through NASIMI DESIGNS, we hope to continue pursuing our passion for advocacy by giving back to our community one step at a time.

So grab your cup of coffee and shop away :) I’m so glad you’re here! This is, without a doubt, my dream job of all dream jobs to be able to inspire. Thank you for supporting my vision!

In love and gratitude,

Serving Tray Designs

Large Pearl Rose Serving Tray with 2 coasters


Resin Wall Mirror

Resin Wall Mirror


This custom order is handcrafted with multiple layers of high-quality resin, non-toxic, VOC free.

Dimensions: 20 inches 

Reach out to me for custom orders


Resin Feroza and Red Custom Piece Wall Art

home decor tray

Serving Tray Only - Round or Rectangle Options Available

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