So nice to meet you!

I'm a first-generation Muslim-American Artist, & Entrepreneur.


Designing different pieces from Jewelry, Art & Home Decor. Each piece from NASIMI DESIGNS are inspired, culturally curated from centuries-old influences with meticulously designs that captures the most imaginative finishes.

NASIMI JEWELS is a sister company from NASIMI DESIGNS created for your latest jewelry obsession.

Jewels that are made for your soul.

NASIMI JEWELS are made with a minimalist style that intertwines classic and contemporary luxe finishes that are made for giving and for the soul.

At NASIMI DESIGNS we want to cultivate a meaningful community among a variety of brands and designs we work with. We want to express our culture & beliefs, but also the causes that we care about.

Through NASIMI DESIGNS, we hope to continue pursuing our passion for advocacy by giving back to our community one step at a time.

So grab your cup of coffee and shop away :)

I’m so glad you’re here!

This is, without a doubt, my dream job of all dream jobs to be able to inspire.

Thank you for supporting my vision!

In love and gratitude,



Jewels For Your Soul


Featured Nasimi Jewels Product

Evil Eye Necklace

Nasimi Designs

Evil Eye Necklace


I LOVE a catchy eye-popping statement piece that stands out and this is THE ONE! 

The design is light and dainty. The size of the pendant is 35mm. 

This is my absolute favorite piece in the evil eye collection.

A necklace that is perfect for everyday wear and versatile to create the perfect layered statement. 



Featured Nasimi designs resin

4 Quls Resin Wall Art

Nasimi Designs

4 Quls Resin Wall Art


4 Quls

12x12 Wall Art

The 4 Quls: Al-Kafirun, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, and An-Nas

These four Surahs are usually called the Shielding Chapters in the entire Quran, serving as protection from the whispers of Satan, the evil eye (Nazar), jealousy, envy, and all other evil of this world we face on the daily. Safeguard your home every day with this wall art.

The 4-Quls wall art is the perfect addition to your home, serving as a reminder of the powerful benefits of the Surahs.

Please email or message for a custom order and pricing.  


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