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In the Fall of 2020 in the crazy midst of the world wide pandemic my husband and I decided to launch the Nasimi Designs.

Is It Insane to Start a Business During Coronavirus? Millions wouldn't think so.

Starting a new business during a pandemic may seem like a crazy idea, but whether you’re pivoting because of a layoff or the pandemic has given you time to think about what you really want to do with your life, you started to explore your hobby. 

“I’d no idea at the start of the year I’d be doing this, but I want to keep it going. I think the pandemic and the changed world gave me a push. I’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

As my husband and I worked and went to school remotely we started thinking about things we loved to do. Art has always been a part of our lives. This year I've been working on giving Art a purpose and space in our everyday lives. A space to share my creativity to the world. I wanted to give something meaningful to celebrate this surreal, life-changing moment. When my husband asked me what Jewelry Piece and Art I liked at that time, I told him that I wanted something sentimental yet simple. That is when after 15 years of our marriage, we set out to find that sentimental gift - we looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find anything that would be truly special to both of us.

This is when NASIMI DESIGNS was created. Instead of finding me that perfect sentimental piece, we created an entire vision. A vision of Resin Art and Custom Pieces to make it sentimental to all of our lives. And that’s how NASIMI DESIGNS began. 

Now, I design different pieces that are inspired and curated with meticulously designs that detail innovation, precision and inspiration. Through Art, I want to express our culture & beliefs, but also the causes that we care about. 

Through NASIMI DESIGNS, we hope to continue pursuing our passion for advocacy by giving back to our community one step at a time.



With Love,