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Islamic Yaseen and Quran Ready Made Gift Sets


I S L A M I C   C O L L E C T I O N

Islamic Gift Sets 

Unveiling the beautiful Islamic Gift Sets this Spring. These are unique ready-made beautiful gifts for Ramadan, Eid, Mother’s Day, for Newlyweds, Quran Katham gift, or any of your special days.

Different color options are available.  

Yaseen Options Available: 


-Prayer Rug
-Cotton Shawl (100cm)
-Book Pouch with Brooch and Tassel in engraving ﷽
-Yaseen Book with Special Shantug Silk Fabric
-Tasbeeh (99 pcs.)

It contains the following Quran Surahs: Yaseen, Waqiah Surah, Surah al Mulk, Surah al Kahf, Ayatul Kursi, and many more. 

Yaseen 2 pc Set Includes different design Yaseen velvet book, and a moon design Tasbeeh. Comes in different colors.
Yaseen Size 5.11” x 6.69”
White 4 pc Set Includes prayer rug, shawl, Yaseen book, and Tasbeeh 
Pink 3 pc Set

Includes prayer rug, different design Yaseen velvet book, and a moon design Tasbeeh 


2 Quran Options Available: 

Quran 2 Pc Set 

Includes velvet book and a moon design Tasbeeh. Comes in different colors

Quran 3 pc Set

Comes in a Black Leather embossed Quran with gilded edges with Bismillah acrylic bookmark and black moon design Tasbeeh

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