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4 Quls Copper Baby Bangles


4 Quls Copper Baby Bangles  | Ayatul Kursi Copper Baby Bangles

Are you looking for something that will protect your newborn baby from evil eyes? Then this is what you need to get. It has Ayatul Kursi, Allah name, and a cute baby bottle. It helps the person looking after the baby or seeing the baby remember to recite Ayatul Kursi. as well as over time the baby may learn Ayatul Kursi by heart due to his or her elders reciting in their presence.

It is the perfect gift for your little baby, nephew or niece. a unique and great gift for baby showers. It is made from high-grade stainless steel and copper, that has been gold plated and with a bezel setting. If you are a mother to be then your baby would love this. Or if you are the husband/partner then your wife would think this a really cute gift. If you are the lucky Grandmother or grandfather then this is the perfect meaningful gift for your grandchild.

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